M.Plan International Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of Derick de Wit as Senior Vice President and Director.

Derick is a professional project manager (PMP®) with the Project Management Institute (PMI®), a chemical engineer (Pr.Tech.Eng.) and a Principal Process Engineer and Senior Project Manager at Micon International Limited, one of M.Plan’s shareholding companies. Derick remains a Director of M.Plan and will oversee M.Plan’s management activities and growth into Feasibility Studies. He has more than 20 years’ experience in the development of mining projects worldwide and is proficient in taking a project from geological exploration, through the different feasibility phases, the receipt of legislative permits and licences, and into project implementation. Derick has also acted as a competent valuator to determine the economic value of a wide range of mineral properties and is fully versed in securities exchange compliance across numerous jurisdictions. He has a proven track record in Specialty Commodities, as well as in the management of multi-disciplinary teams of international specialists.

Derick has firsthand experience developing Specialty Commodity projects. Recently he developed a rare earth element (REE) project for a TSX listed junior mining company and the South Korea Resources Corporation (KORES). He has also worked closely with governmental agencies assessing and prioritizing their Mineral Resource inventories in order to develop sustainable mining operations.

M.Plan is a joint venture between two internationally recognized consulting firms, Micon International Limited and Dorfner Anzaplan GmbH, with a focus on Specialties, including the battery metals and minerals. M.Plan’s integrated suite of consulting services and detailed knowledge of product specifications and markets provides a comprehensive understanding of project dynamics, allowing for the optimization of exploration, resource development, process design for mineral beneficiation and chemical processing, process engineering and project economics, ensuring critical time savings and encouraging innovation. M.Plan’s services are focused exclusively on the following Specialty and Critical Commodities:

  • battery grade commodities (graphite, lithium, nickel, cobalt, vanadium, manganese)
  • alternative power generation and critical minerals (REEs, scandium, niobium, tungsten); and,
  • high-value industrial minerals (high purity alumina, quartz, carbonates and silica sands).

This specialized focus has led M.Plan to be recognised as the experts in the extraction, beneficiation and purification of Specialty Commodities. M.Plan has been involved in several Specialty projects globally and hundreds of development studies in the mining sector, including independent engineer and due diligence assignments for multiple capital providers worldwide.

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