Our Focus

M.Plan offers its services exclusively to the development and advancement of specialty mineral and metals resource projects. Such projects often require an innovative approach to the process flowsheet from mineral beneficiation to hydrometallurgical treatment to recover high purity products. These materials are typically used in high value applications, are often valued for their non-metallurgical properties, and are known for having opaque markets and highly specific end-user requirements.

Specialty Minerals and Metals

There is a growing range of industrial minerals that offers both metallurgical and non-metallurgical properties with strategic importance in rapidly developing industrial and commercial applications. Highly processed minerals include high purity quartz and alumina used in electronics and semiconductors. Rare metals include tungsten, silicon, niobium, molybdenum, lithium, cobalt, zirconium, titanium and rare earth elements as well as gallium, germanium, rhenium, antimony and hafnium.

Industrial Minerals

Industrial minerals are mined and processed for their non-metallurgical and non-fuel physical properties, including crystal size and shape, crystal structure and behaviour under heat and pressure. Typical examples include quartz, graphite, feldspar, fluorspar, diatomite, wollastonite, cristobalite and mica, but also clay minerals, specialty phosphates and borates.

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