Rare Metals

Rare metals are comprised of a wide range of metals including well known tungsten, silicon, niobium, molybdenum, lithium, cobalt, zirconium, titanium and rare earth metals but also less known gallium, germanium, rhenium, antimony, hafnium and many more.

Rare Metals Focus

As technology progresses, new applications create rapid demand patterns specifically in the minor metals space, as demonstrated by the growth in renewables technology with prices rising hundreds of percent within short term.

The focus of M.PLAN is on products with high value applications ranging from ceramic surgical instruments, to car safety, to modern pharmaceuticals and high-end semiconductor products such as chip packages and laser lenses.

Rare metals are characterized by relatively low annual production volume, compared to base metals, and very specialist, and often high technology, applications.

Uses include wafers, solar panels, wind power magnets, electronic pastes, components in smart phones and tablet PCs, as well as alloying agents in specialist steels for the aerospace sector amongst others.


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