Plateau Energy Metals Announces Successful Metallurgical Program Results at its Falchani Lithium Project

On July 18, 2019, Plateau Energy Metals Inc. announced the completion of the Phase II metallurgical test work program for its Falchani lithium project at ANSTO Minerals laboratories. M.Plan International Limited has been working as an advisor to the owner’s team for Falchani, alongside ANSTO and DRA Global, the lead for the upcoming Falchani preliminary economic assessment.

Following extensive test work on multiple up-front process steps, two preferred routes – tank leaching and sulfation baking – have been selected to focus on the extraction of lithium from the Falchani mineralized material. Specific flowsheets have been developed and tested for both process routes and have shown that a high purity lithium carbonate chemical product can be produced from each.

“We took the time to conduct a thorough and robust analysis of Falchani mineralization over the past eight months as a build up to our pending PEA,” Alex Holmes, CEO of Plateau, commented. “We have been working closely with ANSTO, DRA and M.Plan to identify areas for potential optimization, some of which will be incorporated into the upcoming PEA. Further, the test work demonstrated the ability to reduce impurities to extremely low levels and produce a high value end-product at site, in Peru. Capturing most of the value chain will be one key differentiator for Falchani.”

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