M.Plan contributes to The Northern Miner Technology Metals Issue, Volume 103 Number 14, July 10-23, 2017

In their article, “Battery makers want more from specialty mineral miners”, published in the Op-Ed column of The Northern Miner, M.Plan’s Aron Cleugh, Reiner Haus and Jane Spooner discuss manufacturers need for improved quality and processing efficiency from their lithium, cobalt and graphite feedstock suppliers.

Against the background of anticipated demand growth, technology is changing at a furious pace in the battery sector as manufacturers are challenged to improve performance. The demand for improved quality and processing efficiency take on a new dimension when considering specialty mineral deposits, which differ from base and precious metal deposits in that their economic viability is affected by factors such mineralogy, chemical purity and the nature of any impurities, and not just the resource tonnage and grade.

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