On March 3rd, 2020, during PDAC week in Toronto, David Anonychuk, Managing Director of M.Plan International, will give a presentation titled “Considerations for Project Development of REE Deposits” during Day 2 of the Lithium-ion Battery Materials & Rare-Earth Elements Supply Chain event.

The emergence of the energy-storage megatrend, via electric vehicles and off-grid applications, is both rapid and relentless. This green/clean energy revolution is enabled by a simple, yet well-known technology: the lithium-ion battery. Through the global rise of lithium-ion battery megafactories, China and Europe are arming themselves with new colossal capacity. The critical, non-substitutable supply chains that feed these battery megafactories are the oil pipelines of tomorrow. Those that dominate these supply chains control this century’s balance of industrial power.

It is even a more precarious situation for rare-earth elements. These critical materials and the high-tech components they form are vital for the magnets and electrical machines that actually take the energy stored in lithium-ion batteries and use it to power electric vehicles, in addition to a plethora of national defense of other high-tech applications. Accelerating the construction of a domestic, vertically integrated electric-vehicle, energy-storage and critical-materials blueprint for this modern, high-tech industry is one of the biggest challenges the USA and Canada will face this century.

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