Managing Director, David Anonychuk presents at CIM 2019 Conference – Innovation and Approach to Specialty Mineral and Metal Projects

On May 1st, 2019, at the CIM Convention in Montreal, David Anonychuk, Managing Director of M.Plan International, gave a presentation titled “Innovation and Approach to Specialty Mineral and Metal Projects”. In this presentation, David discussed the broad definitions of specialty minerals and metals as those excluding precious metals, base metals, and bulk commodities. He notes that the battery materials lithium, graphite, cobalt and vanadium are prominent examples of specialty minerals and metals. He goes on to examine how specialty deposits are valued for their highly specific metallurgical and non-metallurgical properties, considerations for specialty project development and why there is a need for innovation in the industry.

M.Plan International provides independent consulting services to the specialty minerals and metals sector, namely in lithium, cobalt, graphite, vanadium, rare earths and high value industrial minerals. David Anonychuk has nearly 25 years of international mining and metallurgical experience, working in operational, strategy and management positions with major metals producers Glencore, Xstrata, Falconbridge, Noranda and Newmont. In addition to David’s consulting assignments, he is an expert in the battery metals and energy storage space providing market commentary in the media. Prior to the CIM 2019 Conference, David spoke at Mines and Money Americas and CIM GTA-West branch providing valuable incite into the specialty sector.