M.Plan contributes to The Northern Miner Technology Metals Issue, Volume 103 Number 14, July 10-23, 2017

M.Plan’s article, “Battery makers want more from specialty mineral miners” by Aron Cleugh, Reiner Haus and Jane Spooner, was published in the Op-Ed column of The Northern Miner as well as on-line.

How do we bring it in? https://www.northernminer.com/commodities-markets/commentary-battery-manufacturers-want-lithium-cobalt-graphite-feedstock-suppliers/1003787661/ This link brings you to the article on the NM website, but you need a subscription to read it/download it…. I can download the PDF and maybe we can insert it directly into the page, or we could just offer the link (non-members get one free article a week)