A full service provider for seamless development in specialty minerals, rare metals and industrial minerals, from prospect to final product specification.

Our Focus

M.PLAN´s focus is on specialty commodities – specialty minerals, rare metals and industrial minerals which are used in a wide range of high value applications. Drawing on the internationally recognized expertise of Micon International Limited and Dorfner Anzaplan GmbH, M.PLAN specifically fulfills the needs of the specialty commodity sector.


M.PLAN provides a full service package covering the spectrum of exploration, mineral resource and reserve estimation, mine design, process development and engineering, metallurgy, environmental assessment, market intelligence and economic analysis for seamless development of projects from preliminary economic assessment to pre-feasibility and feasibility studies. Reports are generated to meet the requirements of international securities regulations such as NI 43-101 and JORC. M.PLAN also undertakes due diligence assessment of specialty mineral projects and operations. Based on its cumulative years of experience an important aspect of M.PLAN’s service package is the company’s ability to apply its detailed knowledge of product specifications.

Industrial Minerals

Industrial minerals are mined and processed for the value of their non-metallurgical and non-fuel properties. Typical examples include quartz, graphite, feldspar, fluorspar, diatomite, wollastonite, cristobalite and mica, but also clay minerals, phosphates, borates and many more.

Specialty Minerals

There is a growing range of industrial minerals that offers both metallurgical and non-metallurgical values with strategic importance in rapidly developing industrial and commercial applications. Such high growth markets face the risk of short term supply interruption and exert competitive pressure on standard applications.

Rare Metals

Rare metals are comprised of a wide range of metals including well known tungsten, silicon, niobium, molybdenum, lithium, cobalt, zirconium, titanium and rare earth metals but also less known gallium, germanium, rhenium, antimony, hafnium and many more.

The Company

M.PLAN is a new company designed to provide fully integrated technical consulting services to the specialty commodity sector. The qualifications of the M.PLAN team are firmly rooted in the experience of Dorfner Anzaplan GmbH and Micon International Limited, both of which are recognized internationally in their respective areas of business.

Leadership of M.Plan is provided jointly by senior management from Anzaplan and Micon.


David Anonychuk, B.Eng., MBA, Managing Director of M.PLAN, has nearly 25 years of international mining and metallurgical experience, working in operational, management and marketing positions at major metals producers and industrial groups. He has detailed knowledge of specialty metals and minerals, as well as the major base metals, copper and nickel.



Jane Spooner, M.Sc., P.Geo., Vice President of Micon, is a specialist in mineral economics and marketing with more than 35 years of experience. She is a founding principal of Micon and has undertaken the management of a number of Micon’s due diligence reviews, NI 43-101 reports and studies.


Reiner Haus


PD Dr. Reiner Haus, EMBA, Managing Director of Anzaplan, brings to M.PLAN more than 25 years of experience in the field of specialty minerals, rare metals and industrial minerals. He leads a dedicated team of professional scientists and engineers at Anzaplan’s renowned analytical and testing facilities based in Germany.



Senior Consultant, Toronto

We are looking for an experienced consultant to join our team.

M.Plan is based in Toronto, Canada. The company provides technical consulting services to a range of clients, including the financial sector and the mining, chemical and automotive industry with interests in lithium, cobalt, graphite, vanadium, high purity alumina and high purity quartz, among others.

The Position:

The Senior Consultant will report to, and will work closely with, M.Plan’s Managing Director, undertaking the following key activities:

  • Preparing qualified proposals and technical reports.
  • Managing M.Plan’s consulting teams.
  • Supporting business development and marketing activities.
  • Assisting in general tasks associated with running a professional consulting practice.

The Senior Consultant will have the following qualities:

  • Proven consulting and project management experience.
  • Ability to work independently and meet client deadlines.
  • Liaise with the multi-disciplinary teams of ANZAPLAN and Micon.
  • Responsive to client requirements.


Degree in metallurgical engineering preferred. Candidates with degrees in mine engineering, geology or chemical engineering will be considered with relevant mineral and/or metallurgical experience.

Permanent residence status in Canada.

Registered as Professional Engineer or Professional Geoscientist, or acceptable designation as a Qualified Person under Canadian National Instrument 43-101.


Minimum 10 years of work experience as a consultant within the mineral and metals sector; as a financial/business analyst with a management consulting firm or financial institution, or similar.

Knowledge of Canadian National Instrument 43-101 and experience in the preparation of Technical Reports under the instrument is required. Preferred experience will include participation of various levels of project development, feasibility studies and due diligence reviews in the mining industry.

M.Plan offers:

Opportunities for professional and personal development in a responsible position within a dynamic sector of the specialty minerals industry, including:

  • Being part of a successful, corporate network.
  • Focus on highly refined mineral raw materials which are essential for high technology, battery metal and energy metal applications in a wide range of industries.
  • International consulting business with a diverse client base.
  • Varied portfolio of interesting and challenging consulting assignments.
  • Collegial work environment supported by the shareholding companies which are recognized for excellence.

Interested parties should contact M.Plan using the form below and using the header “Senior Consultant, Toronto”.



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